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Tips On Packing

  • At Wise Moves we recommend that you get Wise Moves, the Professionals, to do the packing for you. By completing your own packaging, your goods may not be insured.

  • Before starting work, clear the area of anything likely to get in the way during packing. Find a clean and tidy flat surface such as a tabletop to work upon and make sure to cover it before packing to prevent damage. Ensure the cover is clean and will not mark a polished surface.

  • Use plain paper when packing a box. Do not use newspaper as it will cover you and your possessions in newspaper print as you continue to pack.

  • If one of your packed boxes rattles it is not packed properly. Wise Moves suggests that you repack your box again to prevent harm to your goods.

  • Have a marker pen handy at all times. After sealing your boxes, mark each box from which room it came from with a brief description of the contents. This will be very helpful at the delivery point.

  • Before packing, place a layer of rough paper at the bottom of the box (Dunnage).

  • Heavier items must be placed at the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top.

  • A layer of goods should be packed followed by a layer of used paper (Dunnage).

  • You should never over - pack your boxes as damage may occur. One simple rule: If you can't be able to lift a box then neither will the removal men be able to.

  • Stemmed glassware should be packed on its sides to prevent damage and tumblers should be packed with the base upwards.

  • Contents of rooms should not be mixed and is best to be packed in separate boxes.

  • If you carry out your own dismantling of items remember where the screws/bolts/legs and keys are. It is a good idea to tape them in the inside of a drawer or on the back of a wardrobe.

  • Mirrors and Pictures. Small mirrors and pictures should be packed into a box facing each other with bubble wrap in between then. Pierced bubble wrap should be placed in between them to prevent it from sweating. They should always be packed on their sides and not flat. Medium sized pictures/mirrors can be packed into picture cartons and they should be bubble wrapped before doing so.

  • In the kitchen only breakable items should be wrapped, i.e. bottles, sauce and jam jars and not tins.

  • Before packing always make sure the packaging is secure before commencing packing. Bottles should always be kept in an upright position. If possible try and run down the contents of your fridge and freezers. If you want to take food with you it should be wrapped in paper or placed in a cool box to prevent it from getting damp.
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